Tula  Yoga offers daily yoga classes in a beautiful bright studio in the heart of Cambria’s West Village.  Drop in to a class or arrange to have a private yoga session or Bootcamp on the famous Moonstone Beach.

Tula4You NEWS:

  • Gentle Yoga moving to a new time: 9:30am Monday & Friday!
  • Yoga Asana and Breathing for Beginners, every Friday at 9:30am this April
  • Wish Sheri a fond farewell and hurry back, she is returning to her home on the east coast… she will be back!




Unlimited Yoga and Fitness Classes $49!
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At Tula Yoga, Fitness & Retreats we are proud of our teacher’s experience, knowledge and compassion for each students individual needs and journey.  We encourage you to try many classes and to choose a class level that matches your experience.  If you have any questions about which class is appropriate for you, call or send us and email for a free consultation with a Yoga or Fitness Adviser.
805.909.2818 or terri@tula4you.com

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  • Let Tula Yoga, Fitness & Retreats plan your next celebration with yoga, fitness, food and fun.
  • Single drop in rates are available as well as packages for a week or a month.
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What does Tula mean?

The name Tula comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “balance”, and asana meaning “posture” or “seat”.

Inspired by the idea of bringing balance into the physical, mental and spirit body, Tula Yoga, Fitness and Retreats teachers are passionate about helping students balance work and play, serious asana and fitness practices with restoration, peace and bliss.  Classes are available at Tula Studio daily. Every BODY is welcome. Private yoga and fitness sessions in private studio or in nature are also available.  Tula offers customized retreats in Cambria for groups of friends or corporate functions.
Tula Yoga, Fitness & Retreats is dedication to helping you experience your true nature…
Peace, Joy & Bliss.


Upcoming Classes & Events


Raja Yoga & Meditation

Raja Yoga & Meditation

Mar 28, 8:00am - Mar 28, 9:15am

Tula Yoga, Fitness, & Retreats
614 Main St
Cambria, CA  93428 Map

There are eight components to practicing raja yoga. A moral code, or a set of dos and don'ts, comprises the first two. The first is a set of five yamas, or things to abstain from: injuring, lying, stealing, sensuality and greed. The second is a set of five niyamas or things to observe: mental and physical cleanliness, contentment, self-control, studiousness and devotion. The next three components are about physical discipline. Asana involves physical postures to maintain during meditation. Pranayama involves breath control and heartbeats to calm your mind and direct energy. Pratyahara is a practice of withdrawing from physical senses, making the mind more introspective.

Fit to the CORE!

Fit to the CORE!

Mar 28, 5:30pm - Mar 28, 6:30pm

Tula Yoga, Fitness, & Retreats
614 Main St
Cambria, CA  93428 Map

Find your power and personal warrior energy. Tula Fitness Class.
Begin class with a full body warm up Class focus will be toning and strengthening the core and MORE. abs, glutes, back & shoulders will be the targets for both stability and mobility to create balance and harmony. Utilize your body, gravity and breath to stoke the fire within.
Jen Stevens teacher/trainer

Work Out Party & Back to the 80s Musical

Work Out Party & Back to the 80's Musical

Mar 31, 5:30pm - Mar 31, 9:30pm

Fitness for Life
4210 Bridge St, Ste 4
Cambria, CA  93428 Map

Flash back to the 80's. Join the fun at 5:30pm for an 80's themed workout. Come dressed in your favorite 80's workout gear. After class enjoy a quick snack and then head over to Coast Union High School IN COSTUME to watch " Back to the 80's! Musical.

Free workout class and snacks.
$15 will cover cost of Ticket to Back to the 80's Musical.
Opening NIGHT!